Lucy’s Christmas Wish


Thank you for all your replies and comments.
Here are some of them…

Yes! I wrote the same!
(plus let me pass the exam) in my mind 笑

Thank you for your email.

Christmas 🎄present!!
I want a lot of presents 🎁 and 💰.
If possible full to a car.
I am greedy. 笑!

looooool, it is me!

What should I wish for?…..
Maybe I will ask Santa Claus(santa) to bring the same thing as Lucy(grin)

Please 宝くじが当たりますように(笑)

Thank you for e-mail.スヌーピー is very cute and ルーシー is a precocious girl.I like her.
I’ll enjoi Xmas and New year🎄🎍.また来年もよろしくお願いいたします🎶

Lucy made me lough a lot. You sent me a enjoyable present. Thanks !