Halloween Riddles 2014

ハロウィーンのなぞなぞ さて いくつ正解できるでしょうか?
頭をやわらかくして 挑戦ください!

Halloween Riddles 2014
1. What kind of TV do you find inside a haunted house?
2. What is the problem with twin witches?
3. What do you call a nervous witch?
4. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
5. Where do ghosts go when they’re sick?
6. What do sea monsters eat for lunch?
7. What did the skeleton order for dinner?
8. Where does Dracula keep his money?
9. What instrument do skeletons play?
10. What did the witch eat at the beach?
Answers: Halloween Riddles 2014
1. A wide scream TV
2. You can’t tell which witch is which
3. A twitch
4. Because he had no guts
5. To the witch doctor
6. Fish and ships
7. Spare ribs
8. In a blood bank
9. Trom-BONE!
10. A sandwich


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